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02 December 2005 @ 10:54 pm

this is pete trying to get back in contact having just vanished, to cut a long story short i am now at a bible school course till feburary in toronto, canada, it was definitley a god thing and hard to make decision coz of uni, lancaster being home, being out of country, cost and what im gonna do in february anyway after a lot of prayer i went for it and its been awesome, ill come back totally different and for the good, no cursing / swearing / more positive / dedicated to god and old habits got rid off plus gained asll new stuff like prophecy, evangelism, teaching, sermons, a monthes outreach, church runing management, heart issues the works, you really go through it.

for nathans info i now manage a 48 track board, use a 4 camera mixing desk and do desk at least once a week, plus do the sound upstairs nearly everyday for school so very cool , its challenging mixing all of it in 230 mins but you learn a lot.

for rest i am now more eloquent, less big words and rambeling rather i now make sense, i still got my wierd accent which gets in way but otherwise better

i do unfortunatley use canadian phrases and some of there culture ; good bits and all,

its challenging fun and this last week or so ive got bit home sick wanting to see you guys, house mates and friendas in lanc plus family amazing;ly im missing lancaster more!!! hope thats just coz spk to family on fone, ill post some other time when mores happened and email you guys my news letyters , there only a page long with a pic, check out www.tacf.org for more info, im at the 'school of ministry' heart module planing to do bible if god gives me 6000GBP !!

see you all in february after new orleens mission trip

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28 September 2005 @ 11:23 am
Hi everyone - we're hoping to have cell this coming Sunday (2nd Oct). There's a Jacob's Join (i hate that phrase! lol) at church that sunday so we can have lunch with the church and then have cell at my house afterwards, or we could have cell in the evening. i'll be texting round to find out what works for people. It will be an opportunity to pray and start the year properly with Jesus at the centre of it all, and to work out some of the details of what we're going to do during Freshers Week! Hurrah :)

P.S. Quick Freshers Update: we can't share the Chaplaincy's Freshers Fair stall so we'll have to do without. Lots of walking around and chatting and giving out flyers i think!
20 September 2005 @ 01:41 pm
joe both you and alina have been very busy indeed! great to hear about the spar job alina - its nice wen u go in there and see sum1 u know on the tills and have a quick natter with them! i sure ur face will brighten up the shop. as for u joe u jus gotta keep hangin on in their and wait for God to give u a good'un aswel. He had me waitin last summer too but it was well worth it cos i ended up in the best restaurant on merseyside even tho i didnt have any previous restaurant experience, which now looks great on my cv!
well this is the last year at lancs uni for many of us so i hope its a good'un in terms of cell and work with the students and Kings. we jus have to make ourselves open for whatever God wants us to do whichi sure is alot of good things and then go whole-heartedly into them things cos it gonna be the last yr to do so boo-hoo!
oh well i off to greece 2moz to visit mine and joe's house mate vicky - wuhoo! jus took a look at weather tho and it looks like it gonna get grim from wen i arrive till weni leave nnooooooo! so gettin prayin peeps cso this is one miracle i realy want - sunshine all the way!! :-)
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14 September 2005 @ 04:12 pm
Hi Joe!! Freshers Week is definitely from Oct 1st and week 1 begins on the 7th: for extra reassurance check out the uni site at http://www.lancs.ac.uk/staffinfo/termdate.htm

Will certainly be praying for you Joe...oh, i miss lancaster and Kings so much! i wish i couldve been at ladies night :(

Good idea about asking for input from Ian and Katy, athough of course we are more 'on the ground' and have a direct experience of what is going on with our friends and the uni so we are allowed to value our own input too! I think i will be part of a Neighbourhood Prayer Watch group thingy this year too (my year is steadily filling up with too many things!!) This is because i told Katy about wanting cell to be more outward focussed and she said one of those groups would be an excellent place to learn how to do that, because they are completely outward focussed and don't really do discipleship - its all prayer and witness. So it'll kinda be a training ground for me. Im not gonna expect anyone else to be part of one if they don't want too though, cos cell is a big committment as it is, and it is just as valuabe as the prayer watch groups.
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14 September 2005 @ 02:49 pm
Well you have been busy online lately haven't you alina?!!! Thanks for the email, i could hardly contain my excitement, and i'm in the library on campus so had to try and keep very calm! So much to do, so much to think about! Yes, it would definitely be a good idewa to meet up and pray and possibly have cell as you suggested, i think it's really important that we get going in the prayer department! Also, i'm thinking we would feel alot more encouraged if we had some input from Ian and Katy (not sure exactly what or how) specifically with regard to cell this year- whadya think???

Am i completely not with it??? When is freshers week? I was under the impression it was Mon 26- Fri 30 Sept and that Week 1 begins Monday 3 October... but you seem to think a week later and so does Nathan. Silly me!

Fantastic news about the job at spar! Could you get praying for me in that area, that God would be good and provide and that i would believe he would, as i find it easy to get into a pessimistic god-never-seems-to-do-things-like-that-for-me mentality??? Thankyou. Thanx for the advice Danielle, will try it!

I was so glad to be back at church on Sunday, and felt really welcomed! In fact when Dad took me shopping Saturday evening we saw Phoebe, Kate and Becki all rushing (separately)in to Sainsbury's before Women's Night, heehee! It honestly feels like I haven't been away!

Anyway, i think that's all for now! See you soon!
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13 September 2005 @ 02:09 pm
wow...okay, i just randomly just applied for a job at Spar on campus! Like Joe, i would like a saturday job. This is partly because i think i'll need the money (my student loan is smaller this year :( ) and partly because i need the experience. i've never had a paid job before and i want to put something on my cv and make myself more employable! I just phoned Spar on the spur of the moment, purely to see if they had any vacancies, and i practically had an interview right there and then - weird! I don't know what the outcome will be but the guy said to pop in as soon as i'm back and "we'll take it from there". I hope i get the job, it would be fantastic!
13 September 2005 @ 01:46 pm
A bit of an update on the Fusion Weekend:

It seems that it's gonna be a really important thing to go to, because: "We have taken the decision to not continue with Student Evolution for 2006 as we believe God has something new on the horizon. The spirit of evolution will continue and the focus for Fusion this academic year will be this student weekend....We hope to gather 1000 students from every university in the UK to make a noise about what God wantsto do in every campus up and down the nation. We believe God is stirring a fresh wave of prayer for the year ahead and through gathering together, greater momentum will be generated for the task of student mission."

Yay! However, it is gonna cost £15 each, which is not that much, but i just sort of reaised that it's a weekend so well need to find - and pay for - accommodation for two nights. Fusion can arrange accommodation £5 a night for the first 500 people (in sheffield uni halls maybe?) but we will get our freshers a week later than a lot of other unis so i don't know whether we'll be in the first 500 bookings. we'll try though!

anyway it sounds exciting to me and we'll get there one way or another!
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09 September 2005 @ 11:48 pm
hurrah! that will be excellent. it's interesting to note that you feel devious, my good friend. i wonder what that is all about?! heehee! anyway...dunno who i've told but might as well announce that i think i will be back in lancs on the 25th september (cos gotta go same weekend as my bro, who is starting uni at bangor this year). i miss lancs so much!! have no church, no friends, no motivation, no nothin here! is tempting to go back early by train but i'll mis my bro a lot and i kinda fancy spending these two weeks hangin out with him. oh well. remember to check out my blog, crownofsplendour.blogspot.com for more regular musings. bye for now! x
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09 September 2005 @ 02:37 pm
I agree wholeheartedly, in fact it sounds really exciting- count me in. Well, I'm coming back to Lancaster tomorrow- i realise it's ridiculously early, and i'll probably be bored out of my proverbial trolley, but i feel like my time here is up, and am really looking forward to settling in to the new house heehee! Also need to look for jobs- i really don't want to have to work in my final year but think i will have to- will have to be a saturday job though i think as i don't think i could juggle lectures/seminars/coursework and a job all in the same day somehow. Anyway, see you all soon-ish
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05 September 2005 @ 03:19 pm
hi all - just a quick one to ask who'd be interested in going on the National Fusion Weekend on 18th-20th November. It's in Sheffield...I don't know yet how we'd get there and back and all those kind of logistics. It would be really excellent to go - a great opportunity to forge connections with other groups, get inspired by whats going on around the country and to regain the sense that we're part of something bigger and very significant in God's plans for the UK! I reckon we'd need to let them know asap in order to get places. Think quickly and get back to me, heehee! love yous all xx
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