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14 September 2005 @ 04:12 pm
Hi Joe!! Freshers Week is definitely from Oct 1st and week 1 begins on the 7th: for extra reassurance check out the uni site at http://www.lancs.ac.uk/staffinfo/termdate.htm

Will certainly be praying for you Joe...oh, i miss lancaster and Kings so much! i wish i couldve been at ladies night :(

Good idea about asking for input from Ian and Katy, athough of course we are more 'on the ground' and have a direct experience of what is going on with our friends and the uni so we are allowed to value our own input too! I think i will be part of a Neighbourhood Prayer Watch group thingy this year too (my year is steadily filling up with too many things!!) This is because i told Katy about wanting cell to be more outward focussed and she said one of those groups would be an excellent place to learn how to do that, because they are completely outward focussed and don't really do discipleship - its all prayer and witness. So it'll kinda be a training ground for me. Im not gonna expect anyone else to be part of one if they don't want too though, cos cell is a big committment as it is, and it is just as valuabe as the prayer watch groups.
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