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20 September 2005 @ 01:41 pm
joe both you and alina have been very busy indeed! great to hear about the spar job alina - its nice wen u go in there and see sum1 u know on the tills and have a quick natter with them! i sure ur face will brighten up the shop. as for u joe u jus gotta keep hangin on in their and wait for God to give u a good'un aswel. He had me waitin last summer too but it was well worth it cos i ended up in the best restaurant on merseyside even tho i didnt have any previous restaurant experience, which now looks great on my cv!
well this is the last year at lancs uni for many of us so i hope its a good'un in terms of cell and work with the students and Kings. we jus have to make ourselves open for whatever God wants us to do whichi sure is alot of good things and then go whole-heartedly into them things cos it gonna be the last yr to do so boo-hoo!
oh well i off to greece 2moz to visit mine and joe's house mate vicky - wuhoo! jus took a look at weather tho and it looks like it gonna get grim from wen i arrive till weni leave nnooooooo! so gettin prayin peeps cso this is one miracle i realy want - sunshine all the way!! :-)
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dancing_willow on September 20th, 2005 10:15 pm (UTC)
i havent got the job yet! lol. i hope i get it, i would brighten up the shop wouldnt i?! still praying for ya joe, and now you as well danielle my lovely xx