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02 December 2005 @ 10:54 pm
petes in canada !!  

this is pete trying to get back in contact having just vanished, to cut a long story short i am now at a bible school course till feburary in toronto, canada, it was definitley a god thing and hard to make decision coz of uni, lancaster being home, being out of country, cost and what im gonna do in february anyway after a lot of prayer i went for it and its been awesome, ill come back totally different and for the good, no cursing / swearing / more positive / dedicated to god and old habits got rid off plus gained asll new stuff like prophecy, evangelism, teaching, sermons, a monthes outreach, church runing management, heart issues the works, you really go through it.

for nathans info i now manage a 48 track board, use a 4 camera mixing desk and do desk at least once a week, plus do the sound upstairs nearly everyday for school so very cool , its challenging mixing all of it in 230 mins but you learn a lot.

for rest i am now more eloquent, less big words and rambeling rather i now make sense, i still got my wierd accent which gets in way but otherwise better

i do unfortunatley use canadian phrases and some of there culture ; good bits and all,

its challenging fun and this last week or so ive got bit home sick wanting to see you guys, house mates and friendas in lanc plus family amazing;ly im missing lancaster more!!! hope thats just coz spk to family on fone, ill post some other time when mores happened and email you guys my news letyters , there only a page long with a pic, check out www.tacf.org for more info, im at the 'school of ministry' heart module planing to do bible if god gives me 6000GBP !!

see you all in february after new orleens mission trip

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