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01 September 2005 @ 03:15 pm
aww wanted to put up a picc on here of my week at merseyfest but the free account wont allow for it so i will b sending a picc or 2if u dont mind to ur inboxes jus to give u a little sampler of the kinda week i had! xx
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01 September 2005 @ 12:50 pm
Hi guys,
Glad to see everyone in here! I am feeling a bit ashamed of not using this community enough since I set it up in the first place ... but better late than never, eh?!
I'm at work and about to go outside for some lunch. I'm working up in Kensington in London - Alina, you should have stopped by and said hello yesterday! (Wasn't it a scorcher?) Although you wouldn't have known I was there, and by the sounds of it you were having lots of fun with your mum. Your family holiday sounds very cool! I wish my family could still do things like that, but I don't think my sister would really be up for that. Thank you for your letter, by the way! It's so nice getting snail mail for once. I'll send you a postcard when I go on holiday the week after next - I'm going to a Christian outdoor activity centre for their 'Get Active' over-18s week, which I went on last year. It was much fun. (Check out www.sghdevon.org for more details about the centre. It's great!)
Hope you're all doing fine, I'm going back up to Lancaster on Monday 26th so I expect I'll see a few of you around!
Looking forward to seeing you all back at cell and church (and hopefully some new faces!),
Rosanna x
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01 September 2005 @ 10:09 am
Hi Joe!! I am indeed back from my holiday - it was fab! check out my blog crownofsplendour.blogspot.com for more details. I'm getting back on the 25th cos thats the weekend my bro Stef goes to uni (he's at Bangor) so we're gonna hang out over there for the weekend first. I'm glad youre having a good time in leicester :) I'm off up to birmingham tomorrow for a friend's birthday and several of my other long-lost luton friends are going too so that'll be lots of fun :) Had a brill day out in london with my mum yesterday an all - we went to see the stage musical Guys and Dolls which was fabulous (it was my mum's idea cos she knows i love ewan mcgregor!) and we also went to the Tate Britain art gallery and we had amazing amzaing amazing ice creams from this shop in piccadilly. i had watermelon and chocolate flavours and they were simply scrumptious! i'm lovin this summer holiday! have eaten so much ice cream. i started teaching myself Russian as well, its dead good: obviously it doesnt have our alphabet but the spelling is really straightforward (more so that german) and the pronunciation is consistent with the spelling. anyways...danielle, when are you goin back to lancs. have yous all done lots of uni work? i havent really done any yet, i gotta start.
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31 August 2005 @ 08:56 pm
Well it's good to know we're all still alive, haha! I didn't want to be the only one using this so I have been waiting for somebody else to post, so thanks to Alina and Danielle i feel less of a geek now! Great about Merseyfest Danielle, and will be praying about your holiday Alina (although u probably back now).

Yes, the job has been good fun, and yes, the finances are getting there I think although there is still a degree of self discipline needed trying to remind myself that i need to be saving rather than spending, teehee! Family has been family, say no more. No, just joking, it's been better actually. Still alot of darkness and lukewarmness but I think things are slowly healing, especially as parents have finally settled into a new church (which i have been going to as well). Cell has also been really cool, although it to be honest the church to which the cells are connected wasn't really right for me- i know that kind of defeats the object of cell being part of church but i'm only here for a few weeks and then i'll pretty much be in lancaster permanently, so it's just been good to meet up with other christians my age and to have some continuity. I've actually enjoyed being in Leicester this summer, bizarrely, but with the satisfaction and certainity tht it's not where God has planned for me- it's good to have that certainty and yet still enjoy the place while I'm here (am i making a shred of sense??). So, this is leicester for the last time on a permanent basis i think. By the way, when's i everyone heading back to the great northlands?? I'm back next Saturday (10 september)! Can't wait!
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28 August 2005 @ 08:42 pm
good to see ya once again alina ma girl ;-) was wondering where everyone got to. how was bible week anyway all you that went. Nath sed that the Holy spirit meetings were really good - fantastic! merseyfest was really good cant believe it over now (well not really cos it a catalyst to get things running) but the event itself is over after years of planning and praying, but the hard work put in has definitely paid off after seeing God move thruout the week.

i was working on a project jus down the road from my house as we were building a path and bbq area trhu a small wooded area which we hoped the local community (3estates) would get involved in. Altho i live near there i dont really know any1 from there cos it was only wen i was younger did i know ppl from that area. so anyway we got local kids involved in the project which were hard to handle at first cos they were not really lookin to do work but to have fun by messing around alot. but as the week went on we got to know them more and relationships with them began to build. merseyfest sent us an irish team who were all lovely! and the local little girls all fancied the boys hee hee as they would nominate each day who was their flavour of the day!! we sent out dispatched teams to the estates who were able to talk to ppl about the work we were doing and the weekend event and God i suppose. at the end of the week only 2kids turned up which was sad cos it was the last day but at the same time God knew what was happening. the irish team prayed for us (youth in my church who were heading up the project) and as they did the 2girls (lana and becci) that came that day were able to witness them praying without being distracted due to peer pressure. i opened my eyes whilst the praying was goin on to see one of the girls actually praying with us! wuhoo!! afterwards becci was asking one of the irish girls whta the diff between knowing God and having a relationship with Him which is awesome! so i sed earlier that i didnt really know anyone from the area where we working, but now thanks to this last week i do know some of the children and will hopefully keep in contact with becci and lana so to continue to show Gods love to them. so will u please pray concerning them - that they will come to know their awesome saviour??

the weekend events were really good also altho there were mainly the 'smaller' bands which featured e.g Y-Friday, super sum1??? not super chick tho. the crossmovement, 100 hours, love and joy gospel choir, sanctified. so praise God for an amazing week where the weather was good and miracles happening in other areas!

anyways willl be really good to hear where ppl at so pleasse if u can get writing!! luv ya'll mwah XX
24 August 2005 @ 11:30 pm
Hi everyone! Sorry i've been rubbish at getting this community thing going. Let's try and get back into the swing of things in these last few weeks before term starts :)
So I'm off to the New Forest near Lyndhurst tomorrow until Sunday with my family. Should be fun! Please pray that i can be a good and humble daughter...goodness knows i need help with that.

Have you all checked out the church's new student website? (can't remember if you all have or not) anway it's reeeeally good!! www.kcc.org.uk/students

Joe: How's the job going?? Feeling financially sorted? Also how are things going with your family?
Danielle: Did you get involved in Merseyfest? The timing didn't really work out for me in the end. How's your holiday been so far?
Rosanna: Keep going with the ole job :) I've posted you the cd and book now and i hope you'll enjoy reading it!
Katy: do you read this blog? where are you? hows it going?
Nathan: you said you'd check this page out when you get a chance to go online. Hope you're alrite and havin fun in lancaster - see you soon :D
Pete: S'up! Hope things worked out for you in terms of coming to church even though you're at home for the summer. Are you looking forward to going back to uni?

Remember if you got any prayer requests just write em up here even if you don't wanna go into much detail cos we all love each other and wanna help each other out :)
hugs, alina xx
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01 August 2005 @ 10:53 am
so hows ur job going then joe? and how much have ur finances increased since u posted ur prayer request?
11 July 2005 @ 06:39 pm
Hello all,

can people please pray... I more or less have a job sorted for August, it's just warehouse work packing boxes, really long shifts but I suppose that means more money. All I have to do is phone up on the day I can start, which I figure will be Monday 1 August given that Bible week finishes on Thursday 28th July... no point starting on a Friday... anyway, please pray because the nature of the work means that it is really temporary and could dry up at any time, and i really need the work/money, as you all are probably sick of me telling you!

Also my family as a whole is in a financial crisis, my dad got a bit of a fright when he could only afford £2.50 petrol today (hope he doesn't mind me saying), although he does have a job now, so that's something to give thanks for. So as you can see I was already worried about my own situation, and now I'm just even more worried.
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11 July 2005 @ 02:35 am
calling all you merseyfest warriors! if u are still wanting to do merseyfest and stay wit me, my church should be hosting a project(just up the road from me yippee!) which u can get involved in if u like - the only thing is that if u register for merseyfest u dont get to choose what project u go on... so if u come on this project and so dont register thats fine but u may miss out on a fabulous merseyfest t-shirt which i know u will want to keep for millennia to come! le me know if any1 interested so i can sort it out wit my church2 xx
yippee i off to italy in 4 hours!!
06 July 2005 @ 04:23 pm
Well, well, well, sounds like good stuff Danielle (i presume it's you?). Dunno about the others but I'm pretty sure Nathan has a good excuse for not posting on here yet- did anybody send him the details??? Oops, guess I better do that, I'll forward him that email!

I'm home and dry now, kind of glad to be back, mixed feelings yada yada yada etc etc, i'm sure you all know what i mean... Have been doing my CV, it takes ages and I'm still not sure whether I've done it right. Am going to sign up with agencies tomorrow, so would appreciate your prayers!

C ya!